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Mindbody is a San Luis Obispo, California-based software-as-a-service company that provides cloud-based online scheduling and other business management software for the wellness services industry. Founded in 2001, the company services over 58,000 health and wellness businesses with about 35 million consumers located in over 130 countries and territories. The company's clients include Bikram Yoga a


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Technical Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Don’t work here! You’ll be vastly underpaid and under appreciated. You’ll be subject to critical failures of middle management and retaliated against for speaking up about anything at all"

Sales Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This company decided to lay off and furlough the majority of its Atlanta office. I get it, times are crazy and unsure. But instead of getting the whole group together these cowards sent out an email 15 minutes before we were supposed to clock in on 04/02/2020. What a coward move. Had a really good experience with them until this and will continue to tell everybody and write reviews on how they handled their employees during this time."

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"Worst work environment ever! No real support- all the 'tools' are self-guided and you have to be comfortable leaving the customer unsatisfied. Horrible place to work. An easy place to develop depression and suicide ideation. Managers and team leads are not helpful."

Consumer Support Specialist (Current Employee) says

"The difference from when I was hired (Feb 2016) to now is night and day. I've taken every support role this company offers and have only effectively moved "sideways." Instead of the plethora of opportunities I was basically promised, all I've gotten was more work, less compensation and even less support from across the board. Communication at this company might as well be via telegraph, the culture is cultist and promotes nothing that truly benefits the world.Remote working. Decent benefitsTerrible management. No room for movement from support. No job security."

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Manager was harassing some members on my team. After bringing this up to HR, I got yelled at by my manager’s boss, passed up for a promotion, got no raise that year, and was slammed on a performance appraisal for reporting himPtoLow pay, poor management"

Sales Development Representative (Current Employee) says

"Horrible inexperienced management who have absurd expectations that not even they know how to do. very low pay, mediocre practices, empty promises, lack of training and no advancement. They don't value their employees and preach transparency but are far from that. Extremely expensive software in a saturated market with competitors half the price that work better. Listen to your employees, train them, stop micromanaging and be able to do the job you're telling sales people to do! Manager have no idea what their teams deal with and are so out of touch with what goes on."

Sales Specialist (Former Employee) says

"If you can't be manipulated by management they fire you. If you have a problem, they pretend to help you. The management in the office truly doesn't care when there are issues. Don't expect compensation for dupes. Best of luck to ya"

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"They talk like they're different but they're not. In the end the company wants to make money. I saw them selling to people who had no business using their software. I saw them making promises they knew they couldn't keep. I saw management trying to force people to talk and behave in ways that were unnatural for people and then wrongfully terminating people, who "didn't fit their culture.""

ONBOARDING SPECIALIST (Former Employee) says

"If you are a champion boot licker then this is a great place to work. Getting a promotion has nothing to do with merit - just who you know. They give 3 cent raises to lots of employees who are valuable after a year of work. This place is not the place to advance your career or make a living.20 days vacation, decent benefits, friday beersvery low pay, clicky atmosphere, no career advancement, management is awful"

Onboarding Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This was truly a bad experience. The culture is such that unless you are in with the cool kids or fit a particular prototype, you will never get promoted. I was a good employee and worked hard for a year and got a $.03 raise. This was common even among much stronger employees than me. MINDBODY knows they have a captive audience and will never adequately compensate their employees unless you are an executive or a computer programmer etc. PLEASE think twice before working here because I think there are many other businesses that will advance your career at a much faster pace. This was an absolute nightmare. The managers treat you like cattle....good paid time offsee my review. Bad pay, no career advancement, hostile work environment"

Sales Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Poor Management with zero direction in the sales department. It maybe a good job for San Luis Obispo but if you are looking to get a sales job in phoenix there are way better options for more money. Do not waste your time."

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Pretty decent pay, but it's a say yes no matter what to anything asked culture. Very cliquey, if you are the right person you have carte blanche to treat people however you want. It's a do what's easy not what's right, and only live by the "core values" if it requires no effort type of workplace. Begged to be coached and led but my manager was not capable of doing anything more than handing out whatever initiative of the week they blindly agreed to. Laid off due to Covid19 via an email after nearly 10 years working harder than those around me and having to deal with being bullied and stifled. Blessing in disguise.Decent payHorrid culture, bullying, dead-end, sycophants rule hard workers drool."

Sales Development Representative (Current Employee) says

"for the sdr typical day is getting straight on the phone and starting to demo you are based off of your sales not just appointments as they told us in the beginning constant change management doesnt know anything they go back and forth great atmosphere to work in"

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"I would show up and sign clients in for my entire shift. While classes were going on I would clean up around the studio and organize everything. I learned customer service skills and how to deal with unhappy customers. I only had a couple of coworkers which were all very pleasant. The management was horrible for the most part. My boss was very hypocritical and condescending towards me. She was going through a divorce so she was not the most pleasant person to be around. The hardest part of this job was dealing with my boss. The most enjoyable part of this job was the clients. They honestly made my day. The company ended up being sold.the enviornment and clientsmanagement"

Technical Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"After working there for 10 years listening to their pop talks and sound good feel good look good meetings that meant nothing I came to the conclusion they're just like every other corporate type business that really don't give a hoot about their employees. I thought it was great at first then realized the only reason I thought that is because they told me that."

Manager UX for Mobile Apps, Workstream Mgr, Design People (Former Employee) says

"MINDBODY was a great place to work prior to the acquisition. It became very political and turned into an "every man/woman for themselves" atmosphere sort of like how we are behaving with regards to the impending pandemic. Hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer. People really started throwing each other under the bus so to speak. MINDBODY does not recognize the real people doing all the hard work, only the talking heads get rewarded for alignment and looking good up on a stage. The culture fell apart at the seams when the not-so-evident hostile takeover took place. Prior to going public it was loads of fun and with all the legacy software / infrastructural backend issues, the company has proved they are not willing to really invest where is would count and make a difference. Once the money at the top starting filling pockets the passion left the station. There is a fake passion in the place of what was truly real at one time. Leadership cannot seem to focus in a way to help the product grow and they are not hiring experienced product people. MINDBODY is a Sales company that is monetarily focused and not product focused which is going to be their unfortunate demise. And they have zero go to market strategy.Good competitive salary, relaxed atmosphere and campusNot a lot of job opportunity in surrounding area, small town politics"

SALES SPECIALIST II (Former Employee) says

"The environmental was a mess. Managers all over the place. Lots of noise and a very unprofessional environment. Not sure how the culture is now but it was difficult back then."

Sales Specialist (Former Employee) says

"My experience at MINDBODY was unfortunate. I loved their SaaS product but working with a bunch of twenty year olds that acted unprofessional, was not a good fit for me. Management did not treat employees or business leads fairly. It was a very disappointing experience.BenefitsPoor Management"

Sales Account Manger (Former Employee) says

"unrealistic targets, management play favouritism, amazing co-workers, no training (you will be thrown in to the job with out proper training), communication is hard with the managementsfree fruit and monthly wellness voucherlong hours, pressure, no training, favouritism, low pay"

Fitness Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Upper management has 0 clue how to run a sales floor. 0 effective training. Once a good place to work. RUN. They lied about this being an inbound role"

Former Employee - Team Lead says

"Very cliquey. No one is held accountable. Promotions are not publicly known, people are just promoted. Pay isn’t great. You’re lucky if you can move up within the company. People bully others and their managers so then management is literally paralyzed when it comes to reprimanding people. No clear communication. No sense of alignment within different departments. If you’re friends with your manager then you’re fine. If you’re not you’re invisible."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Vista (who bought MB) turned it into a typical corporate job. Getting cheap labor in other countries instead of hiring the people back that were laid off over covid19."

Former Employee - Business Operations Associate says

"Ineffectual and caustic management. Bullies who are not held accountable. Clique-ey childish culture. Chest beating constantly about core values that are only followed if there is no effort required. As if someone read the book Catch 22 and decided that was an excellent SOP manual to follow. Extremely poor internal application process and human resources department."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Company peaked years ago and has been steadily declining. Lots of stress and mismanagement, with constantly changing priorities and direction, jobs do not feel secure. This company is very insular with low competition in the SLO area, which leads to a lack of talent and new ideas, low pay for the area's high cost of living, and local employees constantly overlooking its flaws (normally due to its image and past reputation that is no longer strong). I believe it's important for future job seekers to consider that this company suddenly and very callously laid off employees en mass by email during the pandemic, when others in the industry did not, leaving many without healthcare or support in the middle of a crisis. They put on a good show of being overly positive and supportive, but consistently lacked training opportunities and failed to follow through on many promises to employees. Actions speak louder than words... Not as many opportunities to grow anymore as you might assume at first. Others: only 6 holidays and only 3 sick days, open office plans with frequent desk moves, very high turnover in all departments (top talent is increasingly looking elsewhere), office favoritism, problems due to lack of management training and support, acquisition turmoil and stress"

Current Employee - Program Manager says

"Mindbody talks such a big game about living in their values but when push comes to shove they don't walk the walk. Mindbody is repeatedly failing and pivoting, often falling behind new more agile players. The software is old and janky and the organization completely lacks process which is why they constantly struggle to scale. They have immature data practices and love to cut corners -- or use data that makes them feel good. No one knows about the consumer brand and it's not competitive compared to other dtc platforms. Executive team consists of dinosaurs."

Former Employee - Sales Specialist says

"Weak owner, wasteful company spending, again weak owner"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Mindbody decided to lay off 650 employees and furlough 350 due to COVID. While most companies stood by their employees MB did not. After we started working from home they immediately started talking about layoffs. The whole process was very impersonal and done via a mass email sent out at 5:00 AM on April 2nd. This email was the same and stated if you were laid off, got to keep your job, or furloughed. This is creating panic for employees still at the company more than doubling their workload and wondering if there will be more rounds of layoffs. Up until this point there has been silence from upper management on the progression of how Covid is effecting Mindbody's business. Vista the multi-billion dollar equity firm did nothing to help the company survive. In a recent meeting the CEO states that the company has tens of millions of dollars in the bank and STILL decided to lay off employees leaving them without their community and healthcare benefits. The layoffs at Mindbody were a choice not a necessity. Is Mindbody hiding behind Coivid-19 to initiate already planned layoffs so they can outsource jobs to India or area's where it cheaper to employ? Mind you India still has jobs that they are hiring for while the US is not hiring. This would not be the first time Vista has moved jobs to a more affordable region."

Former Employee - Software Sales Specialist says

"not gonna make much money here"

Former Employee - Sales says

"They promise quotas are attainable, but they are unfortunately almost impossible, so don't bank on making commission. Most likely, you'll make close to none. Promotions are based on management's favorites. There is a complete lack of integrity, unfortunately. I can't believe the type of people they promote to be managers. I didn't learn a single thing during my time here, other than to go to a company where I'll be protected, have job security, be able to learn and grow. Please take the time to read the negative reviews here, they are all accurate."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Legacy leadership and inexperienced charlatans who leveraged personal relationships to gain key positions at MINDBODY. IT and HR are particularly chaotic and toxic. Employees are fearful of speaking up. True talent need not apply as you will only be discriminated against. Fear based leadership."